The Princes Trust

The Princes Trust


At UK Agora we pride ourselves on working with our local community. We do a lot work with many good organisations such as AFC Wembley who help inner-city kids into football. Keeping kids off the street and entertained is not an easy task. The work they have done within their local community is outstanding.

Earlier this year we arranged a David Vs Goliath friendly football match, AFC Wembley’s U14’s Vs AFC Wimbledon’s U14’s. AFC Wembley done exceptionally well to win the match. This game led to AFC Wimbledon signing several players from AFC Wembley. A fantastic opportunity for these young men to progress with their football careers.

We believe in this day and age, young people need as much help as they can receive.

No charity stands out more that The Princes Trust when it comes to helping young people. Since the 1970’s they have helped thousands of young people throughout the UK.

We are pleased to announce that we will begin to make monthly donations to this great charitable organisation.



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