Portfolio Examples

“£100 invested into the fine wine market in 1952 would now be worth £420,000. The same investment into the stock market would now be worth £100,000 (Daily Mail)”

The Liv-ex 100 which predominantly consists of Bordeaux Wines has outperformed the FTSE 100, Dow Jones and Gold for the last 25 years. UK Agora believes that alternative investments have become a mainstream way of capital growth due to the poor performance of equities compared with the more consistent returns of the Fine Wine Market. Physical assets are an attractive as something physical can never be worthless.

The Daily Mail published a report on the performance of the Fine Wine Market compared with traditional Stocks and Shares. The report concluded that £100 spent on the Fine Wine Market in 1952 would today be worth £420,000, whereas a portfolio consisting of Stocks and Shares would now be worth £100,000. A further example of the potential the Fine Wine Market offers was reported by BBC Radio 4, which concluded, by transferring funds from an ISA into Fine Wine can boost capital growth in excess of 10% per annum.


Due to the growing popularity surrounding Fine Wine, combined with constantly increasing interest from countries within Asia, prices have reached unprecedented levels. As a result, certain Fine Wines have become exceptionally rare which further fans the flames of demand, sending prices upwards.