Treasure Assets: The treasure asset that performs best? Fine Wine!

Treasure Assets: The treasure asset that performs best? Fine Wine!

UK Agora Ltd

Nicholas Gibbs – Sales Director – 1st March 2017


Fine Wine has received fantastic reports lately. The performance has been the best I have personally ever witnessed. Since January 2016 the market has risen every month. Today marks the start of March 2017. Will we see our 16th month of back-to-back growth?

I read a very bullish report this morning that seemed to think so! But my advice is: Don’t buy Fine Wines simply because the market is on the up. Have a long term view. 

“In a 10-year study, the average appreciation for investment-grade wine increased 235%.” By comparison the FTSE managed a 78% increase. 

Many of our clients are extremely excited about the potential performance of the market this year. But there is more to it that just buying any old wine. Some vintages are more exclusive that others, and therefore, those exclusive vintages generally see the biggest increases in price. Our aim at UK Agora is to align our clients with the best Fine Wines the world has to offer. My brokers and I expect to be very busy this year due to the current market performance but it is worth noting that this isn’t an anomaly. There hasn’t been a single 5 year period where the Fine Wine Market has finished backwards. The longer you can hold a prized Fine Wine, the more likely it is to rise in value! In uncertain economic times, information such as this is comforting. 




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