LIV-EX: Which regions have traded most in 2016?

LIV-EX: Which regions have traded most in 2016?

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In 2011, both prices and trading activity for Bordeaux hit all-time highs. The region almost completely dominated the fine wine market, accounting for 95.8% of trade by value. In the years that followed, its prices and share of the market both dropped.

Five years on and prices for top Bordeaux have climbed – the Bordeaux 500 index is up 21.8% year to date – but its market share is largely unchanged from last year at 74.4% as trading remains broad.

Burgundy bounced back as the second most traded regional group this year, after slipping behind Italy in 2015. It took 7.7% of the market by value, compared to Italy’s 6.0%. In third place, Champagne has taken 5.3% – down a touch on last year, but well above its 2.8% share in 2014.

Market share for the ‘Rest of the World’ held steady at 4.7%. Although the USA was the biggest player here, activity broadened to include trade for English and Chinese wines for the first time. Other regions trading this year include New Zealand, Lebanon, South Africa and Argentina.


December 28, 2016

Which regions have traded most in 2016?

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