Lafite: highs and lows

Lafite: highs and lows

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Two Lafite Rothschild vintages have recently traded at all-time highs. Last week the 2012 traded a record £4,390 per 12×75. This is an increase of 40.3% on its trade price of £3,128 one year ago.

The 2014 vintage also traded at an all-time high this month, at £4,134.

However, several other Lafite vintages remain far off their highest levels, achieved at the peak of the Bordeaux market in 2011.

As shown in the chart below, the ‘05, ‘08, ‘09 and ‘10 vintages all traded above £12,200 during the China-led boom in 2011 but are now offered well below this.

The 2008 vintage has seen the largest variation in price. During En Primeur, it traded at a low £1,800 per 12×75. In 2010, it jumped to £10,160 the day after it was announced that the bottle would carry the Chinese symbol for the number eight.



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