Global Demand Grows as Supply Stalls

Global Demand Grows as Supply Stalls

The world’s thirst for wine continues to grow, even as weather affects production.
By Wine-Searcher staff | Posted Thursday, 13-Apr-2017

There is less wine in the world and more people are going to be drinking it, according to reports released this week by three major agribusiness organizations.

Global wine production fell by 3.2 percent last year, from 276 million hectoliters (7.3 billion gallons) to 267m hL, according to the International Organisation of Vine and Wine’s (OIV’s) most recent report, with just a handful of producing countries posting an increase. The United States was the winner there, with a 10 percent jump on 2015 production. Australia wasn’t far behind with an increase of 9 percent, and Spain managed to boost its total output by 4 percent.

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