Dos & Don’ts

Fine Wine is a fantastic tool for diversification. Due to the market’s incredible performance it is more important than ever to understand how Fine Wine should be correctly traded. If like many, you are considering investing into the Fine Wine Market, you will find our list useful:

ALWAYS store wines within your own independent account:

All wines should be stored within a professional facility. UK Agora utilises the London City Bond’s expertise. All of our client’s wines are stored within an independent account which is owned and managed solely by the client. This means that should the company you purchased the wines from cease trading your wines will be in your account completely safe. Much like keeping your money in your own pocket. Storing your wines at the London City bond – all wines are kept at optimum temperatures levels to help the wines mature correctly. Computerised wine coding to help identify your wines and an Unrivalled comprehensive and sophisticated drinks logistics service, supported by cutting edge IT systems, achieving the highest level of operational excellence since 1988.

ALWAYS deal with wines with a track record of receiving high reviews from critics:

Not all wines are investment calibre. In fact most are are not! Critics fuel the flames of demand. Only a very small circle of wines receive regular scores from critics. By only dealing with these wines you are heightening your chances of success.

ALWAYS make sure that the company you deal with is reputable:

UK Agora encourages clients to write regular Testimonials about the services we provide. This allows clients, both new and old to share their experiences as well as allowing UK Agora to constantly improve our services. Click Testimonials to read what our client’s say about us! UK Agora recommends carrying out full due diligence of any company with the associated bodies.

ALWAYS make sure Fine Wine is part of a diverse portfolio:

You should never have all your eggs in one basket. This applies to everything,even the Fine Wine Market. Fine Wine should always be part of a diverse portfolio.