Robert Parker Junior is the leading critic of the Fine Wine industry. He is acknowledged as the most influential wine critic in the world and is famed for his simplistic Point Scoring system which is published in his publication the Wine Advocate. The Wine Advocate was first published in 1978 and has amassed an astonishing amount of readers. There are over 40,000 subscribers for every U.S. state. It is also published in thirty-seven countries around the world.

A favourable score is that essential to the success of a Fine Wine’s performance that some vineyards in the past have decided not to release certain vintages due to a negative report. Robert Parker Junior’s rating has a significant effect on the economic performance of all fine wines.

A wine named the Wild Duck Creek Duck Muck was relatively unheard of until Robert Parker Junior award it 99 points out of 100. This wine shot up from £17 to £267 per bottle in an 18 month period. A fantastic example of how influential a favourable Parker score can be.

In essence, although a Robert Parker JR score represents the quality of a wine it also has a huge bearing on the demand as collectors and drinkers battle to obtain the very best! UK Agora only deals with wines that have 90 point score or above to ensure maximum quality and resale value.

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