California’s Most Expensive Wines

California’s Most Expensive Wines

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It’s California’s turn to go under the microscope as we look for the world’s most expensive wines.
By Don Kavanagh | Posted Saturday, 15-Jul-2017
Along with death and taxes, one of life’s nailed-on certainties is that the price of California – by which we really mean Napa – wines go in one direction only, and that is up; but it isn’t quite true.

Certainly, there has been some price inflation in the past year, but taking a look at the list of California‘s 10 most expensive wines shows that some have actually decreased in price since we last checked. Decreased! Yes, it sounds strange, mysterious, even disturbing, but we can assure you it’s true.

In fact three wines on the top 10 have come down in price, although whether a $6 fall in a wine that costs $620 a bottle can genuinely be called a reduction is open to debate. However, 30 percent of the list coming down in price is very close to being a news story in itself, and it probably would be were it not for the fact that the overwhelming trend is upwards, albeit at a relatively slow pace.

What is clear, though, is that California – sorry, Napa – can still command relatively vast prices for wines with a pretty slim pedigree. In fact, there are four new entrants on the list, three of them having just achieved one of Wine-Searcher’s main ranking criteria: four available vintages. They have flown straight into the top 10, which gives you some idea of which end of the price scale we are talking about here. Indeed, they have pushed some wines down the placings because the older wines haven’t raised their prices sufficiently high to keep the interlopers at bay.

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