Burgundy Joins First Growth List

Burgundy Joins First Growth List

Liv-ex reveals its list of the non-Bordeaux wines that it classifies alongside Mouton and Lafite.
The world has a whole clutch of new First Growths today, and for once it’s not all about Bordeaux.

Liv-ex, the fine wine trading index, released its updated classifications of Bordeaux wines over the weekend and also launched a new set of “First Growths”, featuring wines from regions outside Bordeaux and the results are fairly predictable, with Burgundy taking 12 of the 19 new “Premier Cru” placings.

While the original 1855 Bordeaux classification was based on a variety of criteria, including reputation and trading price; Liv-ex’s sole criterion is more prosaic: price. To obtain a classification, a wine needed to have a minimum of five vintages traded over the 12-month period starting April 1, 2016. The average price – based on a 12-bottle case, priced in sterling – determines the final classification, with premier cru reserved for wines topping the £2500 ($3260) mark. The second growth category is for wines between £688 and £2499; third between £438 and £687, fourth between £313 and £437; and fifth growths are those between £250 and £312.


By Don Kavanagh | Posted Tuesday, 18-Jul-2017

Read full report here: https://www.wine-searcher.com/m/2017/07/burgundy-joins-first-growth-list

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