Boom Times for Austrian Wine

Boom Times for Austrian Wine

An unheralded wine-producing region is enjoying the fruits of its labors – and the spotlight.
By Natalie Sellers | Posted Friday, 16-Mar-2018
With a booming worldwide wine trade, it can be tough to pick the next big thing – but the central European country of Austria might just be it.

Despite a small 2016 vintage, which reduced Austria‘s normal export volume by 3.3 percent to 46.8 million liters, the quality continued to be markedly high, leading to Austria’s greatest export year for wine.

A total increase of 7.4 percent was reported by the Austrian Wine Marketing Board, translating to a record total of €158.6 million ($195m), the first time Austria has made it past €150m.

Austrian wine exports rose rapidly from the end of the 1990s, but hit a plateau in 2004. Three years later, another steep rise saw exports almost double by 2013. Growth halted then for another three years, but looks to be on the rise again, given the most recent figures.


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