April 2017

French winemakers deploy candles, heaters and helicopters to save vines from frost

candle vineyard

Sharp spring frosts are damaging production in some of France’s most famous winemaking regions, including Champagne, Bordeaux and Burgundy, posing a threat to growers’ incomes. Vineyards report temperatures plunged in all three regions last week, sometimes to below -7C (19°F), hurting shoots already well-developed because of earlier mild weather, and growers fear a new cold snap could cause more damage. They have been using candles, heaters and even the down-draught from helicopters to try to save crops. “All areas of the Champagne are hit to very varying degrees,” said Thibaut Le Mailloux from the Champagne Committee (CIVC) industry group. “It’s too early to estimate the extent of the damage, but the frost impact is worse than last year’s”. France’s total wine output fell 10% last year due to adverse weather conditions. Champagne was the worst hit, with the harvest down more than 20% on the previous year due to spring frosts followed by other...

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End of season celebration


Player of the Year awards after final game of season You can join us for a club celebration to mark the end of AFC Wimbledon's first season in League One after the Oldham game on Sunday. It’s a party that also aims to celebrate the achievements of the whole club during the 2016/17 campaign. Sponsored by Sports Interactive, there will be a marquee open on the grass car park outside with free entry for all supporters. Food stalls and a bar will be available in the marquee, in addition to all of the bars at the ground remaining open. German food company Hanswurst will be providing tasty treats once again after the success of their catering at the beer festival a couple of years ago. The marquee will be open straight after the game with Player of the Year Awards and end of season speeches taking place there. Post-match entertainment will all start from around 2.00 pm (12 noon kick-off)...

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Global Demand Grows as Supply Stalls


The world's thirst for wine continues to grow, even as weather affects production. By Wine-Searcher staff | Posted Thursday, 13-Apr-2017 There is less wine in the world and more people are going to be drinking it, according to reports released this week by three major agribusiness organizations. Global wine production fell by 3.2 percent last year, from 276 million hectoliters (7.3 billion gallons) to 267m hL, according to the International Organisation of Vine and Wine's (OIV's) most recent report, with just a handful of producing countries posting an increase. The United States was the winner there, with a 10 percent jump on 2015 production. Australia wasn't far behind with an increase of 9 percent, and Spain managed to boost its total output by 4 percent. Several of the topics addressed included how the experiential cannabis category is becoming more high-end and accessible for different celebrations and consumers than it has ever been. They also...

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Robert Parker Offloads Wine Shares


The winery that wine critic Robert Parker helped start is sold to a French company. Robert Parker has sold most of his shares in the Oregon winery Beaux Frères to a Champagne company, according to a press release. Maisons and Domaines Henriot announced Tuesday that it has purchased a majority interest in Beaux Frères, which was founded in 1986 by Parker and his brother-in-law, Michael Etzel. "Beaux Frères" means "brothers in law" in French. Etzel discovered an 88-acre pig farm for sale while vacationing in Oregon in 1986. He and his beaux frère Parker bought the property and eventually planted 35 acres of mostly Pinot Noir vines, along with investment from a third partner, French-Canadian Robert Roy.Etzel will still be a partner in the business and will continue to be the company president. Wine Spectator reported that Parker "retains only a small percentage" of his shares. Parker could not be reached for comment. Parker...

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10 Steps to Protect Your Wine Investment


Wine-Searcher's wine director David Allen MW shows how to avoid being ripped off when investing in fine wine. Posted Friday, 14-Apr-2017  A brief review of Wine-Searcher's news pages yields numerous horror stories of wine drinkers and investors caught by frauds, scams and company collapses. These articles are popular with readers. Assuming Wine-Searcher users aren't all voyeurs reveling in the humiliation of others, it is probably fair to assume many of us fear we might encounter similar fates. In some cases, losses are clearly due to fraudsters, in others it may be the result of poorly run companies believing they can trade their way out of failure – either way the customer loses. So here are a few simple suggestions to help the cautious avoid the major pitfalls encountered by wine investors and purchasers.   Read the full report here: https://www.wine-searcher.com/m/2017/04/10-steps-to-protect-your-wine-investment...

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UK Agora – The Dos and Don’ts of Fine Wine Investment


Investing in fine wine is popular among grape aficionados, fund managers and laymen alike, and there’s reason for that. It can be an enjoyable and profitable journey if done correctly and approached with the right attitude. Here’s some of our top tips that’ll help get you started along the right track: DO Read what critics are saying Trust critics; they know what they are talking about. It can often be best to stick with just one or two trusted critics, as (as with anything involving matters of taste) disagreement is often rife, and this can get a little confusing, particularly if you’re just starting out. However, you’ll find that certain types of wines (whether that’s certain grapes, vintages or certain vineyards) will consistently be well received. Keep your wines in a private account in a professional facility Wines not kept in bond are effectively worthless. In order to protect your wine, and its value, you should...

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