October 2016

UK Agora: Forum for Australian wine creditors.

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We encourage all UK Agora clients who own Australian wines, and APW creditors alike to share their experiences with each regarding UK Agora's assistance in the management or sale of their portfolios on this thread. We hope this will give applicable investors a clear, non-bias outlook on the current state of the Australian wine market as well a platform to freely share other relevant information. Please scroll down to the comment section below to have your say. To read about how we championed the Australian wine saga click here....

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Info regarding APW, Our Involvement and the Drinks Business.

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Much has been said about UK Agora's involvement regarding the liquidation of APW Asset Management (formally known as Australian Portfolio Wines). This article intends to explain and clarify what has been reported.  In 2014 UK Agora became aware that a number of existing clients held wine investment positions with APW. We advised these clients to move their wines into a private account which allowed UK Agora to assist them in the resale of their wines. This was the full extent of our involvement until more recently. When a Liquidator was appointed they initially proposed that the wines be returned back to investors, much to the relief of applicable clients. Then an alternative option was proposed, a mass-sale back to the wine producers. UK Agora encouraged Australian wine creditors to talk with each other. This communication allowed them to trade thoughts and determine what the best course of action would be. Roy Double, a UK Agora client...

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Small September Gains for fine wines


SMALL SEPTEMBER GAINS FOR FINE WINE The Liv-ex Fine Wine 100 index has gained again in September, up 1.59%, which makes 10 consecutive months of rises. The index, which tracks the 100 most frequently traded fine wine labels, is up 18% on the year-to-date and at its highest point since April 2012. Even if the gains are not as big as some of those seen in recent months, it marks yet further improvement in the state and health of the secondary market. All the month’s best and worst performing labels were from Bordeaux and Burgundy, both are categories which have been the driving forces behind fine wine of late. Two of the more ‘affordable’ 100-point clarets from the 2009 vintage, Smith Haut Lafitte and Haut Bailly rose the furthest last month, up 14.3% and 13.2% respectively. The two wines are among 30 with 100-points from Robert Parker below £5,000 a case and indeed these two...

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Nicholas Gibbs’ Blog: Wimbledon placed above “The Franchise” for first time.


Its been a good month for AFC Wimbledon. Merton council have finally given them the green light to begin building their eventual 20,000 capacity stadium. A huge step considering the attempt made by to steal their identity in 2003 and relocate them to Milton Keynes. It only took 14 years! This is what I expect to hear from the the terraces at the Cherry Red Records Stadium when I attend my next home game. In an almost Hollywood twist, The Mighty Dons are now placed above the (unmentionable) Football Club who attempted to steal their identity in 2003. To celebrate this great achievement, UK Agora will be providing AFC Wimbledon with enough wine to throw the biggest party SW19 has witnessed since our last reason to celebrate, promotion to League One. On another note, I am very excited about our sponsorship of AFC Wimbledon's restaurant. I was invited to enjoy the hospitality before the Shrewsbury game and the food...

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