March 2016

UK Agora and The Drinks Business.


During 2014 a number of investors who had purchased Australian wines through a company called APW Asset Management (previously known as Australian Portfolio Wines) decided to remove their wines from their broker’s management and subsequently employed UK Agora to manage the sale of their holdings, which we did successfully. In the summer of 2014 UK Agora employed Jamie Ellis, a former employee of APW to help assist with the sale of ex-APW client’s wines. A necessary and shrewd step as his niche knowledge of the Australian wine market allowed us to build our first Australian wine sale channels. Towards the end of 2014 APW Asset Management went into administration. Unfortunately for APW’s clients, the wines were stored within an account managed by APW which meant investors did not have immediate access to their wine portfolios. UK Agora ONLY trades wines which are privately stored. This rightfully gives full ownership to the...

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