10 Steps to Protect Your Wine Investment

10 Steps to Protect Your Wine Investment

Wine-Searcher’s wine director David Allen MW shows how to avoid being ripped off when investing in fine wine.
Posted Friday, 14-Apr-2017
 A brief review of Wine-Searcher’s news pages yields numerous horror stories of wine drinkers and investors caught by frauds, scams and company collapses.

These articles are popular with readers. Assuming Wine-Searcher users aren’t all voyeurs reveling in the humiliation of others, it is probably fair to assume many of us fear we might encounter similar fates.

In some cases, losses are clearly due to fraudsters, in others it may be the result of poorly run companies believing they can trade their way out of failure – either way the customer loses. So here are a few simple suggestions to help the cautious avoid the major pitfalls encountered by wine investors and purchasers.


Read the full report here: https://www.wine-searcher.com/m/2017/04/10-steps-to-protect-your-wine-investment

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